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Ben Castle


Family Law Department 

Specialist in family law and dispute resolution 

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial settlements and orders, including property
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Divorce and cohabitation breakdowns 
  • Adoption applications
  • Conflict management 
  • Domestic violence
  • Family breakdown
  • Gaining and enforcing family court orders and injunctions 
  • Children’s arrangements and orders, including access and care (often referred to as custody)
  • Resolution member – avoiding confrontation and reducing costs 

About Ben

Ben finds solutions to the most emotive and difficult personal challenges, avoiding where possible unhelpful confrontation. 

Specialising in family law, and a member of Resolution, Ben offers his clients practical, carefully considered advice.   

Reaching agreement when it comes to children is often a difficult and highly emotional area. Ben brings calm to the situation as he helps clients to agree on issues such as where and with whom children will live, schooling, medical treatments and access for parents and grandparents. 

Ben is a member of Resolution, an organisation that promotes finding amicable, non-confrontational dispute resolutions for family and marital disputes. This can be particularly beneficial if there are children involved, and has the advantage of helping to keep costs down.

Ben’s career  
A solicitor with a rounded background in both business and law, Ben added to his legal studies by gaining experience working under two judges who specialised in family law, before qualifying as a solicitor in 2014. We’re delighted to have welcomed Ben into the Horsey Lightly fold in 2015, where he’s established himself as an invaluable member of the family law team. 

Some of Ben’s work highlights  
  • Successfully arguing that a prenuptial agreement should be upheld, leading to a divorce and financial settlement in which the husband, our client, kept his £30 million company interests.
  • Acting for a client challenging ongoing maintenance payments, made on a ‘joint lives’ basis. The result was that maintenance payments were immediately stopped, and any missed payments no longer needed to be made.
  • Securing an arrangement, following an acrimonious relationship breakdown, that transferred care (or custody as it’s often called) for the children from the mother to the father, and allowed the father to take the children to live overseas.
  • Reaching a very satisfactory settlement for a wife, following the end of a long marriage, during which the husband failed to disclose details of significant assets and a new partner. The assets were located and valued, and the majority then given to the wife.
  • Acting for our client, an army officer, seeking a financial settlement from his ex-wife. The result was that he kept all of his £1 million pension as well as the care of his children. 


“Ben’s advice and assistance over the years has been invaluable, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone going through a family dispute.”  
Mr P

Life beyond the office

Away from the office and his skilful unravelling of complicated legal issues, Ben likes to relax with a spot of gardening, a game of chess, and is apparently a dab hand in the kitchen. Ahem, the proof is in the pudding we believe Ben.

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