Christopher Popham

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Direct phone: 01635 580858

Phone: 01635 580858

Christopher Popham


Wills, Probate & Tax Department

Specialist in Private Client law  

  • Lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and related advice, particularly for the elderly, vulnerable and infirm
  • Advice for appointed attorneys
  • Assisting family and friends to obtain deputyship appointments
  • Will drafting
  • Administration of estates (probate)
  • Management of will trusts

About Christopher

An experienced pair of hands, Christopher brings peace of mind to his clients, their families and friends by helping them to prepare for the future.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge Christopher has gained over many years practising as a family solicitor, he now focuses on helping his clients to ‘put their affairs in order’ by providing what is often called ‘elder care’, which includes writing wills and preparing lasting powers of attorney (LPA). He also administers estates when clients have passed away.   

Having witnessed the difficulties experienced by people with little or no immediate family, Christopher is particularly interested in helping his clients to anticipate and reduce the problems that may come about with any future reduced capacity. In his experience, most people, including those who are not obviously elderly or infirm, underestimate the difficulties this can cause their family and friends, which could so easily be avoided with the right legal structure in place.  

Christopher appreciates that it's not always possible for his clients to visit him in the office and is happy to meet his clients in their homes when appropriate. 

Christopher’s career  

Christopher qualified in 1976 and since the early 1980s has been a partner in this and a predecessor firm, where he specialised as a family law solicitor. In more recent years he has focussed on wills, probate and tax. 

Originally based in London, Christopher now works in our Newbury office and brings with him the benefits of his extensive connections in London, Hampshire and the Home Counties.

Some of Christopher’s work highlights
  • Successfully acting as professional executor in the administration of an estate, ensuring the intended beneficiary, a minor, received their inheritance. This involved obtaining several High Court orders and unravelling the complex estate of a potentially bankrupt disgraced professional who was facing claims for negligence at the time of death. The estate of the deceased, a ‘Name’ at Lloyd’s, was made up of assets that included property, pensions, insurance policies and vintage cars, a number of which were abroad, further adding to the complications.  
  • As professional executor working with lay executors who lived at a distance, completing the administration of the estate of a deceased government official who had been divorced and who had, for many years, been a hoarder. It was almost impossible to gain access to his home because of the amount of material he had accumulated over his lifetime. Much of what he owned was eventually disposed of or given to charity, but it was first necessary to evolve a practical and cost-effective way to identify items of value. 
  • Advising a number of clients who had reason to believe they might be starting to lose capacity and who had delicate family situations to manage if that were to happen.
  • Advising several attorneys, appointed by registered lasting powers of attorney, about when and how they should act.

Life beyond the office

Away from the office, Christopher is happiest in the company of his family and friends. 

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