Civil Partnerships

Granted under the Civil Partnership Act in December 2005, same-sex couples who register as civil partners can now enjoy a series of rights and responsibilities that are equal to those acquired in civil marriage. This includes but is not limited to providing civil partners with entitlement to following:

  • Social security and pension benefits
  • Parental responsibility or legal rights in relation to each other’s children
  • Full life insurance recognition
  • Next-of-kin rights
  • Joint treatment for income-related benefits
  • Recognition for immigration purposes
  • Property and tenancy succession rights
  • Exemption on inheritance tax
  • Recognition under the Intestacy rules where there is no Will

Horsey Lightly is experienced in all matters concerning civil partnership, and we can advise you in relation to the following matters:

  • Registration
  • Name changes
  • Your rights and responsibilities in relation to property, tax, pensions and benefits
  • Dissolution
  • Your rights on the death of a civil partner