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When you are facing an extremely difficult and challenging time in your life, Horsey Lightly will provide the clear, reassuring guidance you need. Our expert team of divorce solicitors advise on all matters of divorce and separation, including divorce settlements.

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Sympathetic divorce solicitors

At Horsey Lightly, we understand that breaking up is a highly emotional experience. Our dedicated team of divorce lawyers will do everything they can to relieve the burden of your situation, and help you plan for the future. From a relatively straightforward divorce, to more complex matters, where there may be jurisdictional issues, we will provide the exact expertise you need.

Timely advice and support

If you are considering divorce or separation, it is extremely important to seek initial, expert advice before you embark on any negotiations with your spouse. By understanding your individual circumstances, ourteam will work quickly to help you establish your long-term financial security and the arrangements for your children.

Finding the best way forward

If you decide to proceed towards a divorce settlement, our team of divorce solicitors in London and Newbury will help you find the most appropriate way forward for you at an early stage. This may include:

  • Court-based - If you choose to take a more traditional approach, we will provide the helpful advice you need, and support you through the entire process. Always, our focus is on seeking a positive and cost-effective outcome.
  • Mediation - If you want to reach an agreement out of court, mediation can be a less contentious and more cost-effective route. Mediation can take place before or during the legal process. With this approach, an independent mediator (or co-mediator) works to help parties resolve issues between themselves.
  • Collaborative law - As a newer alternative to court-based proceedings, collaborative law is an approach where parties work together with their collaboratively trained lawyers to resolve matters outside of court. This approach can more effectively preserve the relationship between parties, which can be extremely beneficial when children are involved.

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Are you facing the challenge of divorce and dealing with autistic children or an autistic partner?

It’s World Autism Awareness Week from 1st – 7th April. The saying goes “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”. I’ve always found that really helpful to remember when advising clients who have children with Autism or Aspergers because their child’s needs will be specific to that child. It’s not helpful to assume they will be like the Dustin Hoffman character in the movie “Rain man” or The Governess from “The Chase”, as they will have their own behaviours and personalities which need to be carefully factored into discussions surrounding the divorce process, so as not to cause unnecessary upset to the child.

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Social Media

Recently, we have experienced a number of cases where the information provided to us by our clients has not matched the image they provide to the public; whilst this would seem largely irrelevant to matrimonial proceedings, what information we allow the wider world to see about us can be contradictory to points to be raised in considering the division of matrimonial assets, and divorce as a whole.

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