Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation and dispute resolution services from our litigation solicitors

Access a pragmatic and commercial approach to problem solving with our dispute resolution services. Our litigation solicitors represent corporate and individual clients in everything from large commercial actions to smaller personal disputes.

Trusted approach

Horsey Lightly has an established and successful litigation and dispute resolution team. Our focus is to resolve a broad range of legal disputes encountered by business clients and private individuals. Whether you are pursuing conventional court proceedings or an alternative dispute resolution, we can help.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise include property litigation, landlord and tenant, commercial litigation, employment disputes with restraint of trade and confidentiality, building and construction disputes, inheritance issues, and contested probate and wills. Frequently, we advise on a range of other issues including breach of contract, negligence claims and intellectual property disputes. In addition, our litigation solicitors in London and Newbury act for a number of insolvency practitioners across the UK.

Negotiating success

Sometimes court action is not the best way forward and we seek an alternative method of dispute resolution. Often, we can successfully resolve disputes by negotiation – or simply by persuading the other party that they are wrong. Methods such as mediation or arbitration can provide a cost-effective means of resolving disputes, eliminating any need to go to court. In each case, we will tailor the method of resolution to the needs and wishes of our client.

How we can help

Explore the range of dispute resolution services we offer, and understand how our people can support you:

Property Litigation for landlords and tenants

  • Ensuring that landlord clients can continue to receive an income stream from their property assets (residential or commercial) in the face of tenant problems and difficulties in the economic climate.
  • Advising tenant clients on their remedies against their landlords for breach of the landlord’s covenants and on service charge disputes.
  • Obtaining and defending possession of commercial and residential properties making use of the Court’s accelerated procedures where available.
  • Optimising outcomes for landlords on various forms of (commercial) tenant insolvency (CVA, administration, liquidation).
  • Resolving issues arising out of the renewal of commercial leases and dilapidation claims.
  • Dealing with problems relating to rights of way and other easements (whether asserted or contested).
  • In urgent cases, protecting the interests of clients by applying to the court for emergency injunctions.

Commercial Litigation

  • Assisting in the resolution of disputes between suppliers and their customers.
  • Advising on breaches of contract.
  • Pursuing claims for damages, specific performance and injunctive relief.
  • Guiding employers or employees through restraint of trade disputes

Employment Disputes

  • Acting on behalf of employers. Visit our page on employment law>>
  • Acting on behalf of employees. Visit our page on employment rights>>

Construction Disputes

  • Assisting the resolution of disputes relating to both completed and uncompleted projects (principally substantial domestic building projects).
  • Optimising the outcome where there has been a breakdown in the relationship between contractor and customer (and/or contract supervisor).
  • Optimising the outcome for the customer in the event of contractor insolvency.

Contested Trusts and Probate

  • Clear, concise assistance to executors and beneficiaries where the provisions of a will are disputed (Inheritance Act claims) or where the validity of the will itself is contested (Contested Probate).
  • Representation on behalf of beneficiaries or disappointed family members/dependants.

Debt Recovery

  • Effective recovery of substantial sums owed to commercial clients and individuals.

Our litigation team work closely with our business solicitors and commercial property solicitors as your case requires.

The Litigation & Dispute Resolution Team

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Katie Harris

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