Financial Settlements Inheritance Act

In the case of financial settlements, it is our aim to safeguard your future financial position and guide you towards a constructive conclusion.

Whether your assets are relatively modest or complex, we will provide the expertise you need to protect your finances.

Our people bring a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge to assist you on a range of matters, including trusts, family business, investments, pensions or overseas and offshore investments. What is more, we can access barristers, actuaries, forensic accountants or property valuers on your behalf.

Inheritance Act Claims

Claims under the Inheritance Act 1975 can arise where a spouse, children, civil partners, co-habitees or other surviving dependants believe that the deceased’s Will (or the Intestacy Rules which apply if a Will has not been made), do not make reasonable financial provision for them.

Horsey Lightly provides expert guidance on Inheritance Act claims. Where appropriate, our team of lawyers can issue Inheritance Act proceedings for the resolution of such claims.