Guardians for your children

Who would look after your young children if you die?

It is important for any parent to consider who should look after their child or children who are under the age of eighteen if they die. At the first stage, in simple terms, the surviving parent would become responsible for looking after their child or children.

However if both parents die, for example in a car accident, then it is possible to name in your Will who you would like to act as guardian for your children. It is highly recommended that you discuss this with your chosen guardian before naming them in your Will to make sure that they are happy to take on the role should the worst happen.

Another important consideration is whether or not you would like to leave a gift of money to your chosen guardian. It is possible to make such a gift on the condition that the named guardian takes on the role. If so, should they choose not to look after your children they will not receive the money gifted in your Will.

If you would like to discuss how to appoint a guardian in your Will please do not hesitate to contact us.