Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

Are your beneficiaries going to inherit the money you have left to them?

One of the most common reasons a person makes a Will is to ensure that the people who inherit their estate are those that they want to inherit their estate. However if, for example, you are married and do not make provision for your spouse a court may decide that your spouse is entitled to money from your estate.

Another situation where a court may decide to make provision for someone from your estate, if you have not done so, is with your children. There are many factors that the court will take into account but a child is able to make a claim against your estate if they feel it is appropriate.

 There may be very good reasons why you have not made provision for someone in your Will and, if so, it is important to keep a note of these reasons with your original Will so that they can be taken into account after you die. You must remember that you will not be around to explain your decision!

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