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Covid-19 and Business Tenancies

 Government announcement that business tenants who cannot pay their rent because of the pandemic will be protected from eviction not living up to the hype. 

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GDPR - Data Subject Access Requests

 Would your organisation know what to do if, and when, it receives a Data Subject Access Request (“DSAR”) and are your staff trained to recognise a DSAR when one is made?

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Data Protection

The Information Commissioner’s Office has recently issued new guidelines on calculating the period within which data controllers must comply with a  subject access request. 

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Ending Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Despite its title the Deregulation Act has introduced greater regulation into the residential letting market. Typically a landlord when granting an AST to a tenant would at the same time serve on the tenant a section 21 notice enabling the landlord to take back possession at the end of the tenancy. The law now says that a valid section 21 notice cannot be served within the first 4 months of the tenancy and, once served, the landlord must act on it within 6 months or serve a fresh section 21 notice.

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Resolving Disputes

Most people are familiar with the term litigation which involves two or more parties asking a judge to determine the outcome of their dispute. It is however the case that litigation is not only lengthy and costly but the outcome is often unpredictable. Litigants hand control of their dispute to the court which dictates the pace of the litigation, the evidence that each side is permitted to rely upon and the amount of legal costs that the successful litigant can recover from the other party which, invariably, is substantially less than the actual legal costs incurred.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution